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Amber Allen CMT

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I have over 25 years of experience in Massage & Bodywork.  After all these years I would have to say I do my best work in "fix it" mode, plus I find it most gratifying to participate maybe even facilitate in a healing. 

 My training started after receiving several therapeutic treatments of Shiatsu and a most profound transformation that continued for several could I not want to pass that onto others.


 My Studies:  Chinese Medicine     Shiatsu     Cupping     Moxibustion     Lomi Lomi     Myo Fascial Release (John Barnes)     La Stone     Hot & Cold Therapy     Electro-Stim     Ultra Sound     Deep Tissue     Sports     Meditation     Skin Care     Body Treatments     TMJ Treatment    Facials    Waxing    CPR    First Aid    Dental Radiology    Dental Asst


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